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Diana Hawkins and DaughterDiana Hawkins is AKA Diana Cacy Hawkins on the internet to differentiate her from the other million Diana Hawkins' out there.


Thank you for dropping by and showing some interest in my work and what it can do for you.

I am in the business of helping businesses reach out to their market. Businesses need someone like me to help them stay in touch with their prospects and their repeat customers.

The reason you should use me is simple.

My personal background is diverse and business oriented: Raised in a home business and an Incorporation, Worked on Committees within the US Air Force, and I've managed various businesses that were Incorporation, Non-Profit or Small Business.

My specialized training provides me insight to your needs: AWAI Online trained in copywriting, website writing, B2B Copywriting, and business building, plus my college training is mixed accounting, business management, and English.

With my experience in various areas, I bring valuable talent to the content...I understand your business needs, I understand the customers' needs and desires, plus I'm a writer and know how to speak to the prospect on their level. I've worked with writing at both a high school level and with technical manual compiling, which needed someone with the ability to write at a third grade level.

And passion...let's not forget the passion. If you don't have passion in your content, then you're not going to impress the readers and they'll lose interest fast.

This is my day job, not just something I do on the side. I'm always studying the trade and learning ways to make your content better. I'm also a fiction writer, as well as a non-fiction writer, so I know how to speak to your target audience and guide them towards the next step in your lead generation or sales marketing strategy.

Each and every project I accept is individually researched and written specifically to your needs. No content farming here. 

Let's connect via email or my contact page and talk about how I can help you. 

Diana Hawkins

“Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time.”
- Henry Ford

Diana has been a joy to work with on my “Rupert’s Soaps” website project. I have no technological or artistic inclination but Diana has made it a very pleasant experience in her creation of the website for my soap business. Diana’s suggestions and guidance in each aspect of the pages of the website were very creative and logical. She kept me on track and always persisted kindly if I lagged behind in getting her the information she needed to progress with the site. I would highly recommend Diana!!!

Tara Whitnah
Rupert’s Soaps
Keokuk, Iowa


Diana Cacy Hawkins


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